My name is Abd Alrhman Al Darra, and i am a syrian actress, living in Denmark, i’m currently studying Film and Tv production at NEXT CPH, and i will be finshing the basic seconde course in June the 29th therefor i am looking for an intership to complete my requirment and get more experience about realistic industry and all other intersting details. it’s a great opportunity to practice my skills and explore my big passion in the Tv and film industry, that will build my future career, and enhance my competences and all other skills i have, as i worked in this industry in diffrent environment and been a broadcaster in the net news. I have a good knowledge in cinmatography and a well background in production and directing.

I was a broadcaster in the net news, And an second role actress in Some Syrian drama … I studied theatre in Syria for three years and had to leave Syria before I graduate because of the war.. I enjoyed learning everything about art moreover I did some courses in Cinematography and film directing and editing, I would love to work on a feature film production. I consider myself hardworking, reliable, dependable, helpful, I am a team-player,and a dedicated worker.. I have the professional skills needed for the industry, such as academic experience and digital softwares And a big potential to bring the best of me to the industry I pay attention to details , Love challenges and love getting my job done. 

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